Saan Aabot Ang Vacant Mo?

Hello mga besh! I’m back!ย Related image

I’m gonna start this night with the quote that says, “The cure for anything is salt water—sweat, tears or sea.” I couldn’t agree more about this.

This time, right at this very moment, I’m gonna share with you my mermaid days…. and the #aREEilChronicles begins…. (charot)

I’m from Misamis Occidental and I never knew that my place is so much abundant with so much islands not until I visited Panaon. Panaon is a small municipality in my province and a 45-minute drive from my city, Ozamiz. If you are obsessed with the sound of the roaring waves, the refreshing breeze of the air, and the mesmerizing rays of the sunset, you’ll surely love the following things I’m about to say…

We visited Panaon a couple of months ago to shoot our requirement for our midterm exam. Our instructor required us to shoot a film and have it edited to test our video editing skills and of course I’ll include the acting skills. It was all about creativity, anyway (he-he). Our film was about the survival days of a group of people that has been stranded in an island they don’t have a cue not until they’ve noticed that the number of them was slowly decreasing as one and another one was already missing. The island was the home of the cannibals, the people who eat humans.ย We had our film done in a secluded island, in which that was what we really needed—a place which is away from any interruption of loud noises and of course to make our film look realistic.

The island was so relaxing, you’ll really find the serenity you’re searching. I felt good in there, there was something in me that was fulfilled. It’s probably because I am an island girl and I’m really in love with the sea. I also needed the fresh and salty air treatment of the sea that moment ’cause I was all messed up with all my problems. I was emotionally, intellectually and physically drained, I almost gave up. Even until now, in every day, I always almost give up yet still I always find the reason why I shouldn’t. There is still hope in me and I am thankful for that.

So here are the photos I took that will certify my statements.Image result for starfish clipart transparent




The makeup artists with the cannibal team.


The reincarnation of Moana.



My most favorite shot from the island.






We did the whole film using our vacant hours during weekdays. Ikaw, saan aabot ang vacant mo? (he-he)

See you on my next blog!ย xxย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cold Summer Nights


Summer season is almost over like my feelings for him, it’s almost over; I’m getting over…

Summer time when I was all devastated, going back to the moment where it all started. We were happy. I was happy. You brought me smiles in every sunrise, now you’re bringing me tears in every sunset. You were like the sun disappearing without telling you were already leaving.

I kept on thinking what might have been? Where did I go wrong? I wished I did something to keep what we had together. Now I’ve realized I was wrong all the way, thinking those feelings would last. It just made my tears fall fast.

I never regret the night I knew you, the moment I felt something for you. I know that a part of me will always remember you. You were my joy, my inspiration. You’ve played a big role in my life, helped me become who I am today. Thank you for making me strong—strong enough to accept that there will never be an us.

As I hear the raindrops fall on the rooftop, I guess three years of tears are enough. It’s a cold summer night, I still keep on singing sad songs at night. One day I know, I hope, I’ll be singing new songs. Someday.

Four minutes still till the clock reaches twelve. This song was my company. This has become my favorite lately although it’s causing me discomfort. I love the way it is, though. Anyway, I miss Francis M.

I hope you enjoy!

My Kalilangan, Lanao del Norte Adventure 2016

Writing this piece of a “kacharcharan” at the midst of day.

Now I’m already visualizing you, having that frown on ย your forehead, wondering what “kacharcharan” means…

Google n’yo nalang mga beshy. Got no enough time for some definition of terms ’cause I got so many school works to do pa after this. But because I also got no one to share some love with so….

I’m going to share some loveย ๐Ÿ’• loveย ๐Ÿ’• love ๐Ÿ’• in here that I’ll be sharing with you about my short getaway from the last semester 2016.

From Ozamiz City:

To begin your trip, you need to step your right foot out of your house and do the same thing to the left.

Ride a motorcycle from your house to the city sea port. This would definitely cost you 10 pesos – 15 pesos.

Upon arriving to the city sea port, pay for your own passenger fee. 25 pesos would be the regular passenger rate plus 4 pesos for the terminal fee.


So here’s a photo of me that certifies I’m the real Pinay Pie.ย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now if you’re craving for some pizza because of this photo, *Ha-ha-ha* and if you’re one of the people of Ozamiz *proud Ozamiznon* (charot)ย Alberto’s Pizza lang yan mga beshy. Located in Port Road, Rizal Avenue, Ozamiz City. They do offer free delivery with no minimum of order for just around the city lang, ha. I personally recommend you the beef and mushroom or buffalo chicken.ย They’re the best! (OMG) and they’re only for 145 pesos, mga besh!ย 

(Excuse my chubby cheeks mga besh, fresh na fresh pang steroidsย ko n’yan mga besh.)


A photo of us riding a bus from Mukas bus station to Tubod bus station. (Pashnea mga besh. I look like patay-gutom in here) *LOL*

Anyway, it would take you around 20 minutes before you reach Tubod bus station.ย 


Now from Tubod bus station, you can ride a motorcycle going to Barangay Kalilangan. It would cost you around 40 pesos because medyo malayo mga besh, eh.ย 

A good 30-minute drive would be enough from Tubod bus station to Barangay Kalilangan.


Upon arriving Barangay Kalilangan, you need to do a 10-minute hiking pa, besh. You know, you can’t always get what you want so easily. ย (charot) Most especially when you travel, besh!



Now after that 10-minute hiking, we’re finally here!!!ย (I just wish they could somewhat improve their signboard)

So you need to pay 30 pesos for entrance fee for you to obviously, of course, enter.ย 


This magical tree was just so amazing!!



Tiny fishes underneath are willing to swim with you too.


You can try this thing for only 15 pesos per head. In here, we call this “balsa-balsa” and this was really fun!!


After ka magsawa, besh. Alis ka na, besh. (Charot lang. Ha-ha-ha)

This was me doing another quick hiking going home. (Yes, besh. Nag-hiking lang ako pauwi, besh.)

Charot again. Ha-ha-ha!!

Seriously.. malaki ka na, besh. You know na yan pauwi, besh. I need to go na, besh. I have to do my other projects pa, besh. (He-he-he)

See you on my next blog!! xxย ๐Ÿ˜‰